Selling & Trading Your Stuff

Planet always has buyers on duty and we’re happy to look at anything you bring in. We see a lot of stuff these days, though, and you should know a little about the process before you come by.

  • We buy vinyl (LPs and 7"s), CDs, DVDs and blu-rays.
  • We buy some music-related books, posters, etc.
  • We buy music-related memorabilia, like T-shirts and accessories.
  • We don’t usually buy audio cassettes or VHS tapes. There may be exceptions for unusual items.
  • We don’t buy discs with missing artwork.
  • We occasionally buy folk, blues, and gospel on 78 RPM

Title and condition are the factors that determine our interest. The majority of titles that we could potentially use are only candidates when they’re near mint. We only evaluate item-by-item; we don’t purchase lots as such.

On CD, we’re looking for music in all genres except perhaps post-1990 top 40. On LP we’re more selective. We rarely buy easy listening, mainstream big band, pop vocal, or classical LPs. Audiophile releases, unusual recordings and contemporary composers are the exceptions. DVD is similar: we’re much more likely to buy items with niche interest than blockbuster Hollywood films.

If you want to bring in over 50 items, we suggest calling first (617 492-0693). While you don’t need an appointment, on very busy days there may be a wait. We don’t keep anything over night, so if you drop off a collection and leave, please be sure that you can come back later the same day.