Planet Records Merch

There are four Planet T-shirts to choose from. To declare your proud ‘University of Vinyl’ alumnus status, we’ve got more than just the shirt. For freshman and PhD alike, we’ll print a custom ‘Bachelor of Record Collecting’ diploma with the name you specify. We’ve also got a University of Vinyl decal for your rear windshield and a Euro-style ‘VINYL’ bumper sticker.


  • T-Shirts: $15 ($17 for XXL)
  • 'University of Vinyl' Diploma: $15,
  • Decal, and Bumper Sticker: $5 Each

You can order by phone (617 492 0693) or email us if you’d like us to issue a Paypal invoice.

While the University of Vinyl is a non-accredited metaphor, the diploma ($15) currently represents a much better return on your investment than one acquired through formal schooling.

The newest addition is the University of Vinyl shirt.

The dog shirt comes in blue.